May. 12th, 2009

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Okay, so I surprised myself by actually liking Star Trek to the point where I kind of want to go see it again. So if anyone in Houston hasn't seen it yet, hit me up man. o/

I also just looked over my degree plan, and looks like I may be able to pull off having my Paralegal certification done by the end of Summer. Which means I uh, may be moving out of state at the end of that summer. The only thing I have to look into is how that certification and my other courses translate into an out of state undergraduate degree; I'll have to talk to my councilor.

But the plan, sketchily, is to move there once I've gotten a job secured there, work for a year, then enroll in public college once I've got my in-state residency. Finish my undergrad (I should have less than a semester to do) and then transfer to law school.


IN OTHER NEWS. Gdi Marvel is actually putting out comics that I want to read. I'm going to hold off on new issues today and wait until the weekend since my comic shop is having a sale that includes new issues. I CAN WAIT A FEW DAYS, SELF.

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